Importance of Copper in Modern Science

Importance of Copper in Modern Science Indian facts

Importance of Copper in Modern Science:

   Nowadays they do not have silver and copper and gold vessels for the temple functions. But there is no such thing now than that. The middle class also reduced the use of copper-copper roles. In this background, the steel characters are now seen in anyone house. All the characters used for worship are found in steel today. Ironing is not the idea of ​​steel … the idea of ​​iron.

● For this reason, its use is growing more and more. However, science says that it should not be used in a healthy way or in the spirit of steel. Pugs are used in puja programs in temples and homes. According to the myth, the mythology of the myth is described by Adi Varahaswamy.

● The golden silver items are decorated to the gods and are used mostly in rituals. Why can a lot of people doubt the use of copper roles like this? However, the Vahaha myth says that Adi Varahaswamy explained the reasons behind the use of copper roles. Go to full details … Gudakasunda is a monster who regularly measures the Vishnu. A few thousand years ago, there was a monster named Tudacon.

● Vaikunta Thari is very devotion to him. A monastery practiced a stringent penance for Swamy in the form of copper. Sri Maha Vishnu appeared after some time and wanted to see what he wanted. He asks the devotee to deny his body at any blessings and to unite in the Lord God. He wishes to fulfill his wish. Prayers made by his body pray to him in worship. He will grant his wishes on the day of Vaishakha Shukla Diwali day. In the Narayani Puja, the guptas are  important. Dwadasi has come. Sudarshan Chakra makes his body torn.

● The ghudaku reached the soul. The body is made of copper. Lakshmipathy ordered the devotees to use these copper roles in his puja. Prior to this, the Kuruppatras were prevalent in Narayani Puja. Swami is a life-long bond for bounty. Humans sin many times by permanently rotating transnational objects. But there is no knowledge of daily prayers for Swami blessings that the Swami is the creation of the Saka.

● An example of the gudukku is an illustration of how the residual is supposed to provide everyone with a constant mild Steel is not worth the pujas: if gold is available, silver or gold, or brass – says that it is best to use copper vessels. Steel (iron) is a saturn metal, instead it is used to worship the vessels with other metals instead of worshiping the perfect results without any errors. On the other hand, if you look healthy, on the other hand, drinking water in rice gives you good health.

● Indian traditional medical sciences have claimed that immunity and blood circulation have been taken by taking the pilgrimage in the bloodstream. Roghi health: Early copper chewing, copper bite, copper glass, copper plate are the most commonly used copper products. But today the fashion is over and the plastic has come.

● The use of copper rods has dramatically reduced. Plastic bottles and lunch boxes are also plastics to drink water.

● Today’s houses are totally empty of plastic materials. However, using copper roles has many health benefits The health of the ragi is: The bacteria contain an antibacterial nature. The rogue roles have no access to microbes. Therefore, the storage materials are less likely to be damaged. Organic Health: Water pollution is a major cause of many of the illnesses coming to us. If water is kept in copper parts, it is very rare to get rid of insects.

That’s why copper bars were used in the old days Water in a copper vessel: Do not drink good water in the night of copper. Before going to sleep at night, take half a liter of water from a liter of copper and put it on the bed and sleep in the morning and wake up twice a day and drink the water in the copper.

● This will make you feel good about half an hour from 15 minutes. Gas, stomach, stomach burn, constipation, drops, etc. This habit is completely reduced without any medications used in this habit. Constipation is the root cause of all illnesses, so it is possible to live comfortably if you avoid constipation with this habit.

 Importance of Copper in Modern Science Indian facts
Nowadays they do not have silver and copper and gold vessels for the temple functions. But there is no such thing now than that.

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