Vaastu changes positivity to your house

Vastu hanges positivity to your house - facts dhuniya

Vaastu changes positivity to your house.

We will work in many ways to fulfil the dream of our own house. We need to have a good time to realize the dream of our own. But we have to build a house/house that is suitable for all types of landscape directions. If the direction does not help, our step does not help. Therefore, the experienced scholars consult and follow their instructions in all possible ways. Please note that the wishes of the house will be a blessing.

The southwest of the southwest is the best of all. We can see what the southwestern block has to do with the buildings that have a level of business in the business sector. The southwest must be taller than the entire area. In the southwest heights, the revenue will not be improved. The southwest can be ’90’ degrees to the south-south or southwest of the northwest, rather than the increase. In this case, women commit disrespect.

Men who have bugs in the west-southwest will have to deal with its maladies. The lion’s path to the southwest can only be on the one side of the road. The road to the area of the block is the most crowded and the lions should be kept. For home and housing, there must be gates in the south-west or south-south. In the west and south, the floor should be taller than the flooring level but should not be cold.

If there is a stove in the southwest and there is no other southwest, then the husband’s husbands will be suicidal or murdered or wife or husband and wife. If in the southwest it is cold and good, the homeowner who has built a house in the house is likely to be able to die in the home before the start of the home. In the southwest, the build-up of the dunes and the heavy burden of power in the southwest.

The southwestern area should be more than the northeast area. Southern, Western and Southwest places are home or away, but not in any situation.If the construction happens, it will not be difficult to repay, but financial and financial loss. The key thing is that the roof level should not be as low as the flooring when planning any home in the south, west and, southwest of the house. In all respects, our home is suitable for our development, which means that we have to build according to architecture. If we have paid or rented the house, the result is the equivalent of the homeowner and those who have the same.

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