Which month is the best to do Annaprasan to the Children

Which month is the best to do Annaprasan to the children

Which month is the best to do Annaprasan to the children.

Annaprasan is the birthday feeding program for the first time a baby is born. This will be based on the horoscopes of the baby. It is a large family festival that is seen in the Hindu tradition. Because of this sage, the baby develops life, health and charisma.

For Lignite purification, Phase cleaner, turmeric, mild, lactic, virgin, and men’s. Initially Ganapati Puja and Vishnu Murthy, Surya and Chandra, the Ashtadikapalas and Caste Goddess should worship the Bhudia. The rules governing science should follow. The effect of maternal stress depends on baby life and health issues.

It is mandatory to do Saturn Sundays. Positive folks: – ChaklaapakshaThadiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Thrayodashi Tina is good. If necessary, I can do this on the fringes of the Buddhist side. Positive stars: – Ashwini, Rohini, Murgashirra, Renaissance, Pusthiyam, North, Uttara, Uttara panda, Hasta, Chita, Swati, Anuradha, Hearing, Dinusha.

Best practice: – It is better to do only good morning in the days of Shakti Ka.Take the gold, silver and bronze, honey and yoghurt to hold the golden ring in the right hand of the father or the maiden and eat the ghee, honey and yoghurt in the vessel to feed the baby.   Three times, after eating it, feed the hand for the fourth time. After that the mother, the other uncle and the elders of the family should do the same. In the presence of God in the presence of God, golden items, money, books, pen, knife, flowers etc. put the baby closer to these objects. A tradition comes with the idea that the baby will have a livelihood associated with the object that the baby first encircles.

Highlights: –  At the time of the end of the lagoon, there is no secret of any sincerity. For the first time the baby who was eating rice goes to the experienced scholars on the horoscopic basis and they are given the south tumbling and asked for the blessing of the scholar and the blessing of the well done to the child will be good and good for the child.


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