The famous temple is dedicated to the Goddess of the Bodh Gaya. Vinayaka Chavati festivals are celebrated every year in the temple. Additionally, Swami’s Annual Brahmotsavas are also beginning with Vinayakachivati. With this, Special story on the Kaanipaka Temple in Chittoor district as Vinayakachavati.

Vakaruthanda Mahakayi. The Kodisurya Samyakthi is the one who gives the full strength of the fruits and gives him the courage. He assures us that he will always be able to do the opposite. That’s why we start with the worship of the calculation to start any work. This is the name that Swamivar belongs to Aditya. Vigneswarar is an example of life to achieve success if someone works with a brilliant force.

 As a parent’s kissing, the calculation of worshiping the beloved son of the Parvati martyrs is giving messages to the devotees. His form is a big lesson for the devil. Devotees make a new appearance for the wrongdoing of the father at the moment. That is why Ganesha is a good son. He was born as the son of the parental word.   This is one of the most learned messages from Ganesha. However, Ganesh has a number of specialties in the tune of the legend. In the past, the Kaveri is flowing here and the Lord Ganesha in the well on the banks of the river, the statue of Lord Swamy is growing some of the same. Lord Ganesha is here. The devotees believe that it is rising from the well in the daily dawn. There is evidence that this is true.

In this village there were three brothers who were mute, deaf and blind. Agriculture is the livelihood. As soon as he was thirsty, he heard the voice from the well and the three brothers used the shovel and shovel to remove the stone from the well and remove it. As the falling on the shovel rocks the blood flowed up.

The villagers digest the well into the well and found the statue of the calculation. The blind, dumb, deaf, brother deer, all over the earth, flowed through the water of the dilapidated water. This is why Kani Pararakam got the name of the place where Kani was flourishing.

Over time it has become a lot of fun. There is evidence that the temple was built in the 11th century by the Kulatunga Choledan ruler of the region. Since then the devotee of the well is gradually growing in faith. There is no evidence for this.The temple priests are turning the silver shields into the sweeping day by day.

The legendary Mani Shri Varasidhi Vinayaka is the Judge of the here. Whether there is any dispute or conviction, the conviction can be sworn in as a proof of proof that the devotees believe in the Swami.

That is why the true standards of this temple continue to be from the British to the present. The standards here were also valuable in the courts of the English period. Even the slaves of the victims do the same with the standards of Swami. There are many who have sworn here and will change their minds.

Every day Brahmotsavas begin with Vinayakachivathi Brahmotsavas Vinayaka Kavithi begins with the morning smoke on the next day. The next night, Brahmotsavas conclude with the evening on the second day, the peacock on the second day, the third day the daily vehicle, the fourth day the rest of the vehicle, the fifth day carnival vehicle, the six day day festival, the seventh day chariot, the eighth day Ashvavanam and the ninth day.

The first day is the official Nandhi Vehicle, the second day Ravana Brahmavahana, the third day of the vehicle, the fourth day the Surya Prabha vehicle, the fifth day Chandra Prabha, the sixth day Pulungihi service, the seventh day the floral service, the eighth day of the festival, the ninth day of the festival, the tenth day of the caravan vehicle Finally, the eleventh day of the festival celebrates with special festivals. The temple is thronging with electricity lights.

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