Sri Mahadevar is the great Vinayaka… changing color for six months …


Sri Mahadevar is the great Vinayaka… changing color for six months …

Vinayaka statue varies between six months. Ganesh is black in colour until the time of the north. From the south dawn to the white colour. Devotees say that the statue changes in this way are the glory of Ganesh. The Vinayaka Temple is in the village of Kerala, in Nager coil district of Tamil Nadu This temple is known as MahadevanAdityaVinay agar Temple. The temple has a freshwater well in the premises. The truth is that the water is not coloured. But in the temple, when the Ganesh is black, the well water becomes white, and the water becomes dark when the Ganesh is white.

Normally the fallen leaves of trees fall into the autumn sun fall. But due to dense forests, this seasonal variability does not apply to Tamil and Kerala regions. But the fern in the temple is in the middle of the coconut tree and begins to bite in the north. This temple is also known as the Miracle Vinayaka Temple.   The temple was built in 1317 AD. Historians estimate that the temple has a history of 2300 years. It is actually Siva temple.

The temple had a shrine in front of the temple complex. It was then that the Vinayak Temple was built. That is why the temple is called Mahi Vidyalaya Vinay agar Temple.   During this period the temple was dominated by Vaishnavism. That is why the temple has been rebuilt many times. The temple was dominated by the Kerala government at that time. After the split of the states, the temple came to Tamil Nadu and the Kerala government was reduced to dominance.

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